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[Trinity Blood] Forever gone
Garnet (by Shu)
harriet_yuuko wrote in serian_inn

Fandom: Trinity Blood
Titolo: Forever gone
Rating: K
Notes: shu_maat and me were discussing the reason why Empress Augusta Vradika would wear this, while she usually wears her own specific Empress garments. I tried to come up with a convincing theory.
If you find any mistakes in my English, please point them out to me and I'll gladly make them disappear. Thank you! <3

Forever gone

The dress was a gift from a noble family. It had been brought to her with other wondrous things, all coming from the world how it was in the old times: ornaments and trinkets, things that one day had been precious because they were beautiful, and now were precious because they were the last. Her hosts had come a long way to do their business in Tara Metuselath and had stopped at the palace, to set their eyes on the veils that hid the Mother.
Now the treasure lied scattered on a couch. When they had brought it to her chambers, she had feigned disinterest, but when she had been alone, she had started to unravel the layers of stuff and discover every wonder.
The dress was no doubt the most remarkable item amongst the gifts. It was a magnificent relic of a part of the world that was no more. Waves of delicate, smooth silk, painted in vivid colours, nature almost taking life over different shades of blue. Once it was called kimono, in the Land of the Rising Sun, far away in time.
The Empress rested her hands against the delicate feeling of the stuff and then touched the flowers and the peacock feathers, almost expecting to feel them real under her fingers. Then she started undressing, never taking her eyes off the glorious display of tailoring art before her, and proceeded to dress herself in the luxurious garment.
Centuries and cultures and stories were on her skin, now. The ancient child looked at herself in the mirrors of her rooms and felt that she was wearing time itself. She was bringing on her shoulders the last breath of a world forever gone, now crystallized in the beauty of the dress. She was wrapped in the ashes of humanity.
In truth, she wasn't new to any of this.
She looked at herself in her mirrors, looked at the beauty and the loss. She didn't feel sadness or guilt or anything so human. She just acknowledged things the way they were. Everything can only be what it is. Just as the marvellous memory of the old world could only be a memory. Just as the child behind the veils and the honours, despite the veils and the honours, could only be herself.

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